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  • Viridian Community Gives You Everything and More

    We spent this two hour segment talking with many professionals including Debra Meers and Mike Bowman. Our topic of discussion was the fantastic community being developed in the DFW area, called Viridian....

  • Expert Flooring Advice and Deals at S&H Carpet in DFW

    This hour we talked to Peggy Ginsberg from S&H Flooring in DFW, and she gave us excellent advice about updating the flooring in our homes...

  • Credit Repair Essentials and Investment Real Estate

    It is imperative to have good credit if you plan to be successful in real estate ventures and we got some excellent tips and information this hour from Steven Palmieri and Joseph Payton...

  • Important Information on Foundation Repair and HUD Homes

    We spent this hour with Joleen Nocktonic of Geo-Tech Foundation Repair in DFW and Al Gaither from Century 21 Bowman...

  • Tips for Short Sale, Ranch Properties, and Showing Preparation

    Melanie and Mike Newton of Keller Williams spent this hour with us discussing many great tips for both buyers and sellers in real estate...

  • Prevent Harm to and Insure Your Pet like You Would Your Home

    In this radio hour, we talked with doctors Karl Black and David Hille about caring for your pets...

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