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  • Important Information on Foundation Repair and HUD Homes

    We spent this hour with Joleen Nocktonic of Geo-Tech Foundation Repair in DFW and Al Gaither from Century 21 Bowman...

  • Tips for Short Sale, Ranch Properties, and Showing Preparation

    Melanie and Mike Newton of Keller Williams spent this hour with us discussing many great tips for both buyers and sellers in real estate...

  • Prevent Harm to and Insure Your Pet like You Would Your Home

    In this radio hour, we talked with doctors Karl Black and David Hille about caring for your pets...

  • Credit: Myths vs. Facts

    In the studio on Valentine’s Day, we decided to dispel some common misconceptions about credit, debt, reports, and scores while letting you in on some of the cold, hard facts....

  • A Sales Coach’s Sales Tips

    n the studio today we had our great guests Mike Bowman of Century 21 Real Estate for Dallas/Fort Worth and Judy Hoberman,...

  • How Can Landscaping Increase My Property Values?

    Landscaping is very important to the future value of your home, but there is a sweet spot you have to hit in order for it to be worth it. Today we talked a lot about that,...

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