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  • Disputing Your Property Tax Doesn’t Affect Resale Value

    Many homeowners don’t understand the difference between the tax assessed value of a home and the market appraisal value of a home, but experts Kallie Ritchey and Paul Mundheim help to clear this up in today’s show...

  • Letting a Realtor Sell Your Home Gets You Top Dollar

    Working with a realtor when selling your home is the best way to get the right buyer, the right price, and the right terms. Sharon Hodnett with Keller Williams in Southlake is an expert realtor with...

  • The Importance of Staging a Home for Sale

    Sharon Hodnett is a 25 year real estate veteran who offered us excellent advice this hour for staging a home for sale. People are much less likely to buy a home if they can’t envision living in it,...

  • Correcting and Deleting Inaccurate Credit Report Items

    80% of people have inaccurate data on their credit reports and most of these people are unaware that this is so. These inaccuracies can be lowering your credit score by as many as a hundred points or more,...

  • Tips for Financing Your New Home or Multiple Properties

    The rules and numbers in financing a home today are different than they were a few years ago. Interest rates are in a much better place, there are great real estate opportunities available daily,...

  • Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

    Real estate professionals are entrepreneurs, and we spent an hour with Judy Hoberman, an entrepreneurial expert who gave us some great tips for being successful at working for yourself...

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