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  • New Flooring Makes a Home More Marketable

    When you want to put new floors in your home, it's important to go with a company you can trust to offer the best products and services...

  • Homes Sell Better with Updated Flooring

    If you want to sell your home with the most success and for the best possible price, you need to update the flooring...

  • How to Successfully Update and Sell Your Home

    It's true that this is a seller's market, but anyone wishing to successfully sell a home for the price they want still needs the help of an expert agent to do so...

  • Disputing Your Property Tax Doesn't Affect Resale Value

    Many homeowners don't understand the difference between the tax assessed value of a home and theo...

  • Letting a Realtor Sell Your Home Gets You Top Dollar

    Working with a realtor when selling your home is the best way to get the right buyer, the right price,...

  • The Importance of Staging a Home for Sale

    Sharon Hodnett is a 25 year real estate veteran who offered us excellent advice this hour for staging ...

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